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A Better Test for Better Health

Computerized Health Screening

Reliable and High-Tech Programs to Benefit

Your Health

Welcome to the official website of Simple Solutions with Cathy in Salisbury, Maryland. I provide Electro-dermal Computerized Health Screening to people and pets looking for a quick, safe, and accurate approach to help you achieve optimum wellness.


Having been in the medical industry for more than 8 years, I established my practice in 2015 so that anyone concerned about wellness, longevity, preventative care and improved health would be able to take advantage of my services. Contact me today to set your appointment!

My Mission

My mission is to take the guesswork out of what your body needs and to tell you more about the current state of your health.

Simple Solutions with Cathy

 Certified EDS Practitioner

Phone: 410-251-8307 | Email:

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