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Everything You Need to Know

“A better test for better health”

Reliable testing by

an expert practitioner 

Do you or someone you know suffer from such common problems as fatigue, headaches, gastrointestinal distress (constipation, bloating, diarrhea), eczema, hyperactivity, frequent colds, allergies etc.?

Is your pet having health issues you just can't figure out?

I can help and you will find that Electro-Dermal Computerized Health Screening to be an unparalleled source for answers. 


How does it work?

I use the Interactive Query System. In this system each frequency has been “mapped out”. This electrical signature was then translated into digital code so that it could be stored in the software of the computer. When you are being tested for wheat (for example) the IQS converts the digital code of wheat back into its electrical frequency, and a probe sends that frequency of wheat into the acupuncture point on your finger. The frequency then travels along the acupuncture meridian until it reaches the brain. The brain then ‘reads’ the signal and has the body elicit a skin resistance response, which the probe picks up at the same acupuncture point. The response is then converted into a numerical value, which is then recorded and displayed on the monitor.

Which category of medicine does the Electro-dermal Screening fall under? 

Electro-dermal computerized health screening falls under a newly established branch of medicine – Functional Medicine. Using computerized technology, it sends a miniscule electrical current through the body’s energetic pathways, called meridians. These meridians go through targeted organs and tissues in a well-regulated fashion.

By measuring this current, I can get an informative picture of those specific organs and tissues learning what state they are in. Whether they are balanced, healthy, stressed, inflamed, weakened, or degenerative, thanks to my testing, you will know the best way to proceed for optimum health.

This system joins the Meridian Science of the East with sophisticated computer software. This technology makes it possible for you to get a detailed assessment of the state of your body’s health.  Furthermore,  it also determines the best remedial steps that will restore your body to the healthiest state it can be in.

Why use Electro-dermal testing? 

Electro-dermal testing is a practice that uses highly-advanced technology in order to swiftly and precisely evaluate your condition.  This method allows me to recommend the ideal supportive therapy for your specific case. You will find that it provides crucial insights regarding your body’s health. 

How can Electro-dermal testing help a healthy person? 

Scans start with a comprehensive health assessment. If no problems are found, I can use the system to test if your body has adequate levels of vitamins, minerals, nutrition, amino acids, etc. These screenings are also able to detect underlying allergies and sensitivities. 

Properly managing your health requires a lot of awareness and care. This technology allows you to get proactive with potential illness and reactive with existing ones so instead of getting worried, you can get smart. 

What happens to a patient during a session? 

Your part entails holding a brass electrode in one of your hands while I use a specialized probe tip to touch specific points on the other hand. This is done  to  measure electrical resistance. The probe does not pierce the skin and you will not feel any surge of current. These measurements will give us base readings that indicate where the body’s weaknesses and stresses are located.

Do I need to prepare in any way before being tested ? 

Prior to arriving for your appointment, ensure that you are well nourished and hydrated, as this assists in the efficiency of the test. Do not apply hand lotion as well. Right before being tested, you will be asked to remove any metals, including jewelry, cell phones, keys and coins, as these items can interfere with the testing.

Can you be tested if you are pregnant?

Yes you can.  This testing is perfectly safe for mother and baby.

Can all ages be tested?

Yes, all ages can be tested.

Can animals be tested? 

YES! I can do a hair analysis on people and pets.

Get Tested Today 

Reach out to me at Simple Solutions with Cathy in Fruitland, Maryland to learn even more and set up your session!

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